In this issue, we are evaluating the eleventh generation of the classic Air Jordan series. It is worth mentioning that the Jordan 11 released this time includes two pairs of Jordan shoes. The two pairs of shoes represent the classic replica and the future technology. design concept.

Jordan announced his retirement in 1995. He was very determined at the time that he would not return to the basketball court, so Nike also began to consider ending the Air Jordan series of sneakers, because without Jordan’s influence on the court, this series would be difficult to continue. However, Tinker Hatfield did not think so. He still devoted himself to designing this pair of Air Jordan 11 sneakers for Jordan. They were matched with the shiny material that Jordan once said most wanted-patent leather. This pair has patent leather upper and nylon shoes. A special Jordan shoe model with a body, a translucent crystal sole and a large area of carbon plate was born.

When Jordan saw the Air Jordan 11 sneakers for the first time, he was very excited. He thought that these Jordan sneakers could not only be worn on the court, but could even be used to match a tuxedo. In fact, many people did this afterwards. Incidentally, when Jordan himself attended the wedding of his family, he also specially customized a set of Air Jordan 11 sneakers to match the formal wear.

In the 1996 NBA Finals, Jordan, who returned from the king, insisted on putting on Air Jordan 11 sneakers in advance, and finally won the fourth championship of his career. After the game, Jordan clung to the basketball and wore classic black and red colors. Air Jordan 11 sneakers lay crying on the locker room floor. The Air Jordan 11 sneakers have since become one of Jordan's favorite shoes.

Below are the classic colors of 4  Air Jordan 11  sneakers.